“Tutopia is unlike other tuition providers in that we are more than an agency, we are a multidisciplinary team that work in concert to provide a level of support to client and student that is unparalleled across the industry.” - James Durrant, Founder and CEO


What To Expect

A great working relationship is the cornerstone of any successful tutoring program, and we take great pride in finding you the right level or support from the best people for you. This is not something we simply outsource to our data-matching software - we take time to get to know our tutors and clients alike, and use our years of experience to hand-pick tutors we think they will get the most from their students - academically and personally.

We start by learning as much about the student’s requirements as possible. What are your goals, strengths, weaknesses, interests? How can we help you get where you want to go? When we are clear, we’ll begin selecting candidates. Typically we will send you the CVs of three candidates within 24 hours, often with a recommendation of who to try first. When you are ready, we’ll make the introduction to the Tutor, working with both student, tutor and family throughout the academy year to ensure the goals are reached. We are very confident in what we do, so much so that the first session is only chargeable if you wish to continue with more sessions.


► Trust

Our clients, tutors and partners always know they can rely on us.

► Integrity

We place the interests of our clients front and centre, and act with honesty and with their best interests at all times.

► Fulfilment

Of client requests, whatever they may be, quickly and without compromise, 24/7. Commitment - once we take on a client, we will support them through the entire process from start to finish.

► 360 degree vision

We believe achieving academic success requires understanding that a student is a person first and foremost
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More than academics

We see tutoring as a triangle, a 3 point relationship between tutor, tutee and parents. And we support all three by providing guidance and consultancy to each at every step of the academic and personal journey.

Our tutors are hand- picked from hundreds of applicants, and each undergoes an extensive one-to-one interview, rigorous DBS check, and ongoing training and support from one of our full time team of specialist experts.

To be a great tutor requires more than just outstanding academics. We look for tutors with excellent communications skills, a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence, patience and flexibility, and a personality that can inspire a desire to learn. Once recruited, tutors receive ongoing training and close supervision from a dedicated client manager to ensure the student and client’s expectations are met.

Together we work hard to understand and meet our client's specific needs. We take great care to in getting these teams just right, and our high client retention and high tutor placement rate is testament to the care and attention that goes into satisfying our clients’ exact requirements.