Brenda Irani, Parent

At the start of my son's first GCSE year, I was seeking some support for him while he tackled his varied coursework.  A friend recommended I speak to Tutopia.  As soon as I engaged with our tutor, I knew he would be terrific as he took a very wholistic approach to working with our son and was able to assist him in a range of subjects depending on his need at the moment.  Not only did he try to understand his academic needs but also tried to get to know him as a person.  I knew that this approach would be successful as my son would have someone to assist him during this stressful time but also someone he can talk to about his experiences.  Having our tutor has been a tremendous help to our family as it has taken the tension of our overseeing our sons progress away and has given our son a much better support system.  We have seen great progress with his results and are now engaging Tutopia with our second son.  I would highly recommend this service.  

Jonny Collis