Julius Kugelgen, Undergraduate Tutor

"I started working for tutopia in my second year of undergraduate studies and have greatly profited from this decision since. One thing I really like about tutopia is that they really take the time to get to know their tutors first and then make every effort in finding the right job for you as an individual.

Especially as a student being quite occupied with your own studies, tutoring is just the perfect job: it is not very time consuming and with only two hours of tutoring you can earn more money than in an eight hour shift at most bar/ pub jobs. But tutoring is also much more fun and the feeling you have when your student finally “gets it” is incredibly rewarding.

In the time that I have been working for tutopia I have tutored students in central London, as well as been on a residential placement on the Bahamas for two weeks, which was an absolutely amazing experience. While the tutoring is certainly a big part of the job, especially being on a residential placement also involves some mentoring and just doing fun activities with your students, helping them to grow as a person as a whole. The bonding with your student which you experience once you have spent a bit more time together brings a different aspect to the job and can be a very satisfying experience on its own.

The organisation at tutopia is quite straightforward and the system through which you log your lessons once completed is very easy. Tutopia takes care of all the invoicing for you, so you don’t even have to worry about that. The personal atmosphere at Tutopia makes you feel very comfortable and if you ever have any questions or problems on a job you just give them a call.

Overall, I am very happy working for Tutopia and I can recommend it to everyone who is passionate about learning”.



TutorJonny Collis