Harry Duncan Smith, Tutopia Tutor

"After having worked with a few other tutoring agencies I can honestly say that I have had my best experience tutoring with Tutopia. The personal style of dealing with tutors makes such a difference… it seems that Tutopia approaches the tutors they feels are right for the job saving a great deal of time and wasted effort and making a more informed decision. The personality of the tutor and tutee seems to be a very important point for Tutopia and shows that there's a greater understanding of what makes a tutorial work and how to bring out the best in the tutor-tutee relationship. It feels (though I can't speak for other tutors) that Tutopia have realised the value of picking their tutors carefully, rather than just signing on a large number and then just seeing which the client prefers.

There seems an honesty to the company, that comes about through an emphasis on personally dealing with each tutor, that is clear from the first day you join and continues from then on and I also appreciate the idea that a tutor is not just for teaching the exams and dates and sums etc but reaches a little bit further than that.  As such, I'd highly recommend.

TutorJonny Collis