Cynthia Rusis, Parent

“When our eldest son needed tutoring for Common Entrance Exams, we were recommended to a tutor, James Durrant, who would ultimately create Tutopia.  Little did we know that our son would not only ace his exams, but that he would form a friendship and bond with a tutor who would guide him and our family in so many beneficial ways.  James initially provided a framework for our American-educated son to understand and navigate the British exam system.  Our son was based in the States so, amazingly, James worked his magic through Skype. Once we realized how helpful his approach was, James created a summer holiday program for our son and joined us in America for several weeks.  We were all fortunate to experience first-hand Tutopia’s revolutionary style of guidance and support.  Our middle son quickly realized that James was great fun and the two boys, through James gentle suggestions, started undertaking extraordinary activities that had tremendous educational purposes but that seemed like pure fun and games.

James' mastery of technology and sense of curiosity allowed the boys to put their unique interests and ideas into practice. Everyday was a new adventure, in between more formal approaches to tutoring for the Exams.  The result was a few weeks of extraordinary activities that taught the boys so much and left them with a sense of wonder, confidence and accomplishment.  I truly can't say enough about the unique approach of this organization and how much it would benefit any child.  We are grateful for every precious minute.”

parent/studentJonny Collis