Tutopia is more than just academics. 

We listen too, and we can help give guidance when it is needed most.

What ever stage of life you may be at, some times things can get tough. Often academic underperformance or problems at school can be a symptom of more important underlying issues.

We understand the value of being able to talk these issues through with someone who is listening, who you can relate and listen to, who has world experience and wisdom, who can get through to you.  We know just how important this can be when working towards academic success.


We make sure the Parent's voice gets heard too.

Our strongly held belief is that a good attitude and a positive outlook is the starting point for successful and happy individuals. Sounds good doesn't it? The reality is that for many life can appear confusing, unfair, unsettling, and often difficult to talk about. And not just for children.

Our goal is to assist with better communication for the whole family. Our mentors work hard to build a relationship with the the parents too.  We believe that when a tutor has the trust and the ear of both student and parents, everything becomes easier.