Home Schooling

Every Student Is Different.

Many families find that, for any number of reasons, mainstream schooling is not a possibility for one or more of their children. Whether a short or long term requirement, homeschooling can be a very effective and flexible alternative to a one-speed and location-dependent school education. We provide experienced tutors and qualified teachers ready to travel to you (or with you), helping students to continue with formal education by following exam board curriculum for as long as needed. We also arrange extra curricula activities around lessons, including personal trainers, nutritionists, and opportunities to gain work-place experience.

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Why Would I Consider Homeschooling My Child?

Here are some of the reasons we have been given by parents requesting homeschool support:

  • Highly gifted students pursuing a career in sports, performing arts.

  • Relocation requirements of the parents dictated by exacting career demands.

  • A desire for a bespoke education that is less one-speed and more befitting of the way a particular student learns, including special educational needs that are not best supported in the classroom.

  • Exclusion from mainstream schooling resulting from challenging social behaviour.

  • Stress and anxiety of school life.

Homeschooling FAQ

Is there a down side to homeschooling?

Homeschooling can be socially isolating, as students are not party to the social structures of mainstream schooling. We encourage parents and students to discuss with us how to create opportunities for regular social contact with their friends and peers. We recommend embarking on a homeschool program with a clear understanding of goals and a timeline. A student is most motivated when they know what they are working towards, and how long they will be homeschooled for.

Do I quit school to homeschool?

Not necessarily. Many students remain enrolled at school throughout the duration of a homeschool program. Wherever possible, we build a team around the student that includes their existing school teachers to ensure a seamless transition back into school at the appropriate time.

What about exams and coursework?

It depends on how long the homeschool program is. Coursework needs to be marked and moderated, which can be difficulty depending on the age of the student and subjects taken. But there are may independent exam centres where public exams can be taken in exactly the same way as in school.