We believe tutoring is a force for good, for everyone.

We are setting the new standard of excellence in educational support.

Tutopia tutors are outstanding individuals you are going to want to spend time with. Our tutors team pastoral care with tutoring excellence to help deliver outstanding academic results whilst building confidence and a love for learning. We believe in the twin goals of helping our students attain the highest exam results whilst also promoting rounded and enriched learning experiences.

What Makes A Good Tutor?

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Learning can sometimes be tough but it doesn’t have to be boring. Our tutors pass on a love for curiosity, for creativity and discovery. And by doing it they get results. We believe that learning is not just about hitting the books. Learning is an attitude that will serve you for the rest of your life.  After all, a good tutor should achieve more than just academic results.

A good tutor should help build self-confidence and independence in students, and bring out the potential in each - we know a confident individual is better equipped to take on academic challenges.  Our tutors go off the page, beyond the books, and into the real world. They will also take you out to the theatre, play sport, create opportunities for creativity, and provide whatever aspects of rounded education you are looking for. Lastly, we believe the tutor should help parents and the school to create a positive and coordinated learning environment for the benefit of the student.