Even If School Is Out

The Learning Can Continue

Do you need a tutor for the holidays? We can help. Our tutors travel all over the world providing group and one-to-one academic support to families on the move. Just tell us what your requirements are and we'll tailor a programme to suit. Our tutors are trained to encourage, to inspire, to help students see beyond the horizon, to foster confidence, the teach the value of that all-important quality ‘grit’; to impart social awareness, to teach positivity - all tools vital for success in school and beyond. By supplementing tuition with the teaching of these core values and attitudes, and through meaningful and enriching experiences, we believe we deliver a complete education that is unmatched.


 Fully Immersive Learning Experiences

Your children can't study all day, but that doesn't mean learning has to stop.  At Tutopia, we know that young people gain greatly from contact time with inspring role models.  We study together, we play sports. We we read together, we think critically, we talk with you - and not just about school work. We'll even take you on adventures. We're there for  those unexpected moments when we can make a real difference.  

We help shape attitudes. And it all adds up to one thing - enoyable rounded education for the whole person.


Tutopia has a wealth of creative experience within our ranks. We can support in everything from music and film production to funding applications and creative business plans. You name it, and we'll find someone with the skills to support you.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our more recent projects...


Music Production

Isabel Byrne

Isabel Byrne - Talented yong musician and, with a little help from Tutopia, has written, recorded, and released her first EP, available on itunes now...



Film Production and Development

Aspiring and talented young film maker Bob is on his way to a prestigeous film school this year.

But with his debut short film 'First Impressions' already accepted into several film festivals, Bob is no newbie.

Guided by Tutopia creative tutors, Bob learned the real-world skills of putting together the business plan, the kickstarter campaign to raise the money, and seeing the project through from idea to finished product. (Well done Bob, nailed it.)