UK Education

We provide expert targeted support in these 4 key academic pressure points.

11+ (Common Entrance)
13+ (Common Entrance)
A/AS Level
University choice and application support

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Not Just Exams

Consolidating and advancing school-time learning is a key part of what we do. But we want to go further. Would you like to learn a language? Critical Thinking? Ethics? Guitar? Drums? Secure an internship? Photography? How to Act? We can help.

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If you are thinking of coming to live and study in the UK, we can help. We provide the necessary academic tutoring required to meet the exacting entry requirements, and we'll help you master the more subtle art of navigating the challenges of British culture.

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US Education

Our specialist team work alongside select US partners to provide comprehensive US application and college testing (SAT/ACT) support to fit your specific requirements.

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Why Tutopia?

Education is more than just academics. Our tutors are trained to encourage, to inspire, to help students see beyond the horizon, to foster confidence, the teach the value of that all-important quality ‘grit’; to impart social awareness, to teach positivity - all tools vital for success in school and beyond. By supplementing tuition with the teaching of these core values and attitudes, and through meaningful and enriching experiences, we believe we deliver a complete education that is unmatched.

We see tutoring as a triangle, a 3 point relationship between tutor, tutee and parents. And we support all three by providing guidance and consultancy to each at every step of the academic and personal journey.

We select only the very best candidates to become Tutopia tutors, and we make sure they are trained and fully supported, 24/7. We do our job so our tutors can do theirs.

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